When a tragic loss harms her marriage seemingly beyond repair, Lissy Porter seems to have no choice but to find somewhere to hide and heal. She makes the impulsive decision to return to a place where she'd briefly found happiness as a young girl, a summer cottage on Lake Huron in northern Michigan and a hard-to-find waterfall where she and a cousin had once shared a poignant and heart-wrenching moment.

Hoping to heal, then go back to her family, Lissy encounters kindness and concern from strangers. In Suki's Diner, she meets Tom McGarry, a man who, at any other point in her life, she wouldn't have troubled herself to get to know. Reluctantly, she builds a friendship with him, meeting him every day for lunch. It doesn't take her long to discover that his wit is as sharp as hers, and his uncanny ability to see through her makes him an ideal, and sometimes maddening, confidant.

Still stinging from her husband's harsh words and hurtful inaction, Lissy extends her excursion and begins to make a new life for herself.

In her new town, Pingree, Lissy finds a home as well as a job she loves with a boss she is very anxious to please. She tells herself its temporary, but begins to realize that; maybe, the only problem with her life was that she had been living the wrong one.

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