Lunch by lunch, coffee cup by coffee cup, Tom and Lissy build a profound friendship at Suki's, When Tom finally shares the story of his deeply troubled past with her, Lissy learns that she is, after all, capable of feeling compassion that she had never before possessed..

The lawyer she works for takes on a client who has endured an unimaginable tragedy. At the same time a family obligation forces Lissy to deal with the cousin whom she had hoped to avoid for the rest of her life. The convergent events serve to shake up Lissy's life to the point where she has to make a decision. Should she go back to the husband she adores and be the mother her children deserve, or should she stay in the only place she's ever felt that she belonged-- with the first person whose happiness means more to her than her own?

To her chagrin, it's Tom, himself, who will make the choice for her.


Overheard in Suki's Diner is the story of a damaged girl who has grown into a damaged woman, and only finds true friendship and acceptance by letting an even more damaged man into her life. It's a story about sadness told without sentimentality, but with a great deal of humor.

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